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update: comments are down up and runnig again

oh, and just a quick note: the comments are down for some mysterious reason. i’m on it.

thanks sigi for noticing (oh, and what happened to your content?)

Tinyturingupdate: the comments-script nearly took down (again), so someone chmodded it to 000. i’m nearly ready to switch to wordpress, if this goes on, i don’t want to stress the server that much [1]. for the moment i implemented the tinyturing-test from staggernation. so all commenters must now enter a random letter into the field when they want to post a comment, as seen in the image on the right.

i personally hate that kind of test (also captchas!), but it seems, it’s necessary to take some strain away from the server…

[1]: as far as i understood, wp is much easier on the resources it uses from the server…

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  1. hey habi

    just testin’ your comments ;-)
    glad they’re up ‘n running again. i can only speak for wordpress, since i’ve never used MT. however i’m very happy with wordpress; it’s flexibility, all the plugins and themes that are out there, and never had problems with it!