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the future of interfaces

jeff han [1] is a researcher at the new york university. he gave a talk at the ted-conference. if you’re a bit interested in the – possible – future of interface design, you have to watch the ~9 minute-long video below. it nearly blew my socks of, when i imagined how i could swipe through my 7000+ images on my hd like that. handling of big chunks of date seems to be really fun with that kind of interface.

and i also found mr. han quite entertaining. he has to talk really fast to get all the ideas and thoughts out quick enough, or his brain is gonna explode (pun intended…)

[1] bummer: while searching for his homepage, i found out, that i’ve already blogged him with with the same project… yeah well, talk about short attention span. but if you want, you can watch some other talks here.

[via democracys]

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