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Pixmixsimpleviewerif you missed the pixmix tonight, then you can see all the images i showed in the /pics section, in the folder pixmix13.

this time i used a new gallery-export-program which is built around simpleviewer/postcardviewer [1].

simple- and postcardviewer are a free flash image viewing application with a visually pleasing result. the thing that makes it supereasy to export galleries or folders is iphoto export from

choose a folder or gallery in iphoto, choose the viewer and press export. voila. and all freeware, free as in eggerbier [2].

wait ’till all the images are loaded and it looks like in the screenshot above, then click on any of the images. the stack of images is randomly ordered, but i kinda like that :-)

let me know if you like that kind of gallery more than the old…

[1] rediscovered via lanz.

[2] you might only get that if you’ve been at the pixmix tonight…

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