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SBAW, a retrospective and picture of the week 18

i really liked it on friday night in biel.

i’m not gonna tell you who won in the end, ’cause if you haven’t read it elsewhere, you’re not interested anyways [1]. there were some surprises, but hey, everyone is a winner (be it only in the morales departement)!

i really liked the event, mostly also because i met some faces behind the bytes i read on an almost daily basis. the whole networking aspect was quite a big motivation to got to biel. a pity that a lot of bloggers left the party in the pooc quite fast to disperse into all the regions of switzerland. thanks to bruni [2] that let me ride home with him.

and i hope the team is getting ready to discuss the beginning of the SBAW 07, ’cause you made it happen guys!

the picture below shows some random geeks in the volkshaus staring at their screens instead of listening to what’s happening on stage. and jan in characteristic pose :-)


[1] or see it here

[2] one of the few visitors sans blog

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