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this blog is now cocomment enabled!

after reading a lot of buzz about cocomment (explained a wee bit here :-) i thought it’s about time to jump the bandwagon.

and now, after adding a little bit of code to the individual entry archive this blog is now officially pimped -ehrm- cocomment enabled.

have no idea what i’m talking about? i only start to get the implication of cocomment, but let me explain it here, as far as i get it: up to now, whenever i commented on a blog/site somewhere, i had to remember to visit the site later on or add the comment feed to my feedreader to not loose that particular conversation string. cocomment should be able to overcome that, because it enables a lot of sites (even flickr!) to “send” the comments back to one central location. i’m now able to track those comments in a central location and follow conversations more, thus participating more (talk about positive feedback loop).

so, if you want to see in which conversations i take part or want to stalk me you should look here or add this feed to your preferred feed-reader.

but now it’s officially too late, so i wish you all a good night!

[via the blogoshpere, steph and matthias]

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