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lhc panorama

Lhcdo you want to take a look at the biggest microscope ever built? do you wonder how it sounds in the huge assembly hall of the two atlas magnets?

then you should take a look at this qtvr-panorama of peter mc cready. and you should also definitely check out the other panoramas he made. you can access them in through the navigational buttons in the lower pane.

sigi, bärni and herman, do you remember how we stood in those halls some years ago? (and seen some really weird stuff going on, like those photographers for …. :-)

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    • Yes, it is, since it’s used to look at extremely small particles, the quarks and muons. so it’s in essence just a microscope, albeit a friggin’ big one!

    • yes Beny, it is the biggest microscope ever. or do you have proof of any bigger ones?
      BTW: I’ve removed your link, since it was too spammy for me…