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what we do at noon

yesterday – the last workday in 2005 – küde [1] made lunch for us. the perfect messenger-lunch with lots of carbohydrates (bread) and fat (cheeeeeese). fondue [2].

here are some impressions:

Fondue0 Fondue1

the table getting ready – simu cooking

Fondue2 Fondue4

andi readying the fondue, dewi having some wine – reto and simu digesting

Fondue5 Fondue3

hämme, nicola, andi – nicola finishing off, andi and hämme watching.

[1] actually his name is simu: see him in action here and hear his messenger-song here (4mb swiss german gölä-tribute .mp3). the song was the gift we/he made to our customers last year.

[2] the whole afternoon was rather unpleasant to ride, ’cause i had big cheeseblob in my belly…

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