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after some heated debates about opml-files and licensing problems (which i’ve not taken part in) there’s a new open swiss weblog directory, where every blogging person should add their feed. as far as i understand it, it’s supposed to become a complete repository of all swiss feeds, where people then can build services with it (aggregators and other tools).

jan has a short rundown, chregu has a more thorough post, also explaining the ping-service. i’ve added a to my sidebar (it used to be for some days…) and time will tell if it’s gonna kick in…

as far as i found out, MT-users can ping by going to their /mt.cgi, to general settings of the weblog in question (in the sidebar under settings) and then to “new entry defaults”. there you have to add “” to “Publicity/Remote Interfaces”.

in ecto [1] just go to “weblog” > “edit settings” (ctrl+apple+s) and add “” to Pings.

[1]: ecto is 20% cheaper around christmas, and IMHO an indispensable helper!

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