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google earth for os x

Googleearthnapfyesterday i read on, that there’s a leaked version of google earth for os x in the wild. and today the uaw posted a link to, where you can download an unofficial beta release of the program. it works nicely on my mac, but your mileage may vary, and keep in mind that this is not an official release, so it might contain stuff you don’t want, i’ve warned you…

it worked for me, but may not for you. the faint of heart just wait ’till google officially releases it.

the image on the left shows a screenshot with some nice clouds scattered around the napf-gebiet.

[via tuaw]

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    is that you josie? i can’t believe, it’s been aaaaaages since we talked. how did you get here, how are you, what are you doing, oh my!

    the rest of the questions will be aked in “private” via mail.

    (we’ve been studying a term in glasgow in spring 2000 and kinda lost contact…)