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back street boys rule! (or so…)

click on the image on the left to check out this really hilarious viral back street boys video that xeni jardin linked on boingboing. it shows two basketball dorks in a chinese dorm performing a video of the back street boys (while their roommate silently frags away…). xeni is gonna talk about viral videos on NBC TODAY tonight (see here) and this video is gonna be the centerpiece of the show:

The centerpiece of Wednesday’s segment is a fan-made music video for the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. The homage is credited to “Two Chinese Students,” according to Google Video, and was uploaded there in July, 2005, after having been spotted on the China portal Like AYBABTU, Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, and the rest of its predecessors, this video now inhabits gazillions of otherwise productive desktops worldwide.

if you have major time to spare, you can check out some other funny videos on, just search for “viral” and see your timeschedule melt!

[via boingboing]

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