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Upcoming Eventsi’m starting to really dig those social web-apps.

one the last discoveries of mine is [1]. upcoming. org is a social event calendar driven by people like you and me. people can manage their events there and i have a neat way of showing some of my upcoming stuff i’m planning to attend or just got in my date book.

in addition to that, i can subscribe to events for a certain city i like (as in “bern“, “zürich“, “tashkent” or “trachselwald“). or subscribe to events of a certain person, no matter city they take place. the subscription is possible as an rss-feed or as as a ical-calendar-file. so if you like, you can add the calendars of your buddies to your ical and see what events they go to and take part or start to stalk them :-)

i’ve started to add some venues and events in bern and hope this starts to catch up in my ‘hood :-)

and i also thought this might be a nice way of “collecting” the people that want to come to certain meetings. let’s see if it starts to take off a bit more. if you add yourself to, send me a note and we can start to share our events…

which leads me to the title of this post: “… in the sidebar” [2]. since the events can be shown to any site with the badge, i’ve added my next 5 events to the sidebar. with some css-tinkering it also looks like it belongs in the sidebar. so if you want to see what i plan to to in the next few weeks, then you can now peek there (but i’m not gonna tell you stuff that i plan to visit the einstein exhibit with nina this weekend, so no stalking me…).

[1] which got bought by yahoo yesterday, which made every news-site post about that, which made me tinker around with it a bit more. so it’s actually a re-discovery, i can’t remember when i first encountered it. what i know is, that i encountered it much later than b. (just look at my or his user number…).

[2] time for all you rss-feed-readers to visit my site

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