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the us of a is in deep trouble.

as other people, i really suffer with all the persons that are hit by the hurricane in the states. but if you watch those two videos below, you really get a sense on how deep the trouble is gonna be once all the news get trough.

the first video shows two reporters of fox news really freaking out while giving their impression of the crisis. you should watch both videos to the end to see the important part!

Geraldo-1 Hannity-Colmes-Smith-Rivera-freak-in-NO.wmv (5.1mb .wmv-file).

the second video shows kayne west yelling a rather unplanned “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” while on a show with mike myers:

Kayne-1Kayne-West-Bush-Black-People.wmv (4.1mb .wmv-file)

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  1. I think Bush really cares but he is a goober if you want to call it and he does not know how or what to do. He’s just ignorant. Maybe he just needs help realizing what he needs to do. Well thats my comment.

    ashley courtney

  2. k so…I love Kanye. I love the way he speak his mind…ha. He’s totally right, I mean the media thing…it’s SO OBVIOUS whenever you’re watching the news the way the point out ‘the BLACK family’ etc. All I have to say, is aint’ nobody gonna put Kanye down!

  3. i love bush… he rules and he so does care kayne u suck!! bush does so totally care like hu wuldnt but he puts them 2nd cuz there black. even tho 500 people died we all have 2 stop and listen 2 wat he says. he is the leader and ruler of the world and u all shuld love him. kayne west sucks and so does his music its not kool.

  4. If he cared about black people he would have raised taxes to help lower class….but he didn’t He does not suppoert the black community money wise.

  5. Common people we all know that bush infact does not care about black people. He would of rushed to help but instead he kept his ass where ever the hell he was if it was white people i bet you anything he would of been the first to fly there.

  6. i dn’t know y that f-in ass “codie” iz talkin bout bush doen’t care bout black people. go ahead kayne, do yo thang!