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i was annoyed that my sidebar loaded extremely slow. now i finally found some time to fix this. i hardcoded the blogroll[1] into the template, so there are no external files loaded anymore. i used for that service, so it was a bit of a chore to get that data off their site.

i exported my blogroll into an opml-file. then i opened that file in my favorite text-editor, subethaedit and “search & replace”d until i could just paste the resulting code into my template. so now you have a much spiffier sidebar on my blog (if you visit it and don’t just pull the posts via rss…)

now i just need to get that validation right, but that’s a task for another free hour, now i’m off to see crimen ferpecto, which is hopefully gonna be good for a laugh or two.

[1]: technically it’s not a blogroll, ’cause some of my friends don’t blog, hence it’s called friendly bits.

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