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flickr is upping the ante – giveaway

today i got an email from the flickr-team: in the aftermath of yahoo buying flickr the guys and gals are able to provide more stuff for all the users:

  • 20 mb upload limit for all free users
  • for all pro users (like me), e.g. those who paid for an extended account: an extension to two years, so i get double the bang for my bucks and
  • 2 invites for a pro account to give away.

this leads me to a little contest: i’m donating those two accounts to you, yes you. but because i (occasionally) get more than two readers, you have to fight :-)

send me a convincing picture or something other that justifies the donation of an account from me to you [1].

[1]: since there’s a bit more involved than with a gmail invite, the hurdles are also a bit higher. i think, for instance, i must know you (least a bit) personally and must think that i could like your pictures…

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