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rfid implant

you might have seen that flickr photoset which was linked from boingboing last week. a guy implanted a rfid chip in his hand to do different stuff with it, like opening a door lock, or starting his car. sounds crazy? it is, but it’s that kind of stuff i like. just imagine how cool it would be to touch the handlebar of your bike and it’s unlocked in that very same moment. no fiddling with keys and anything.

privacy concerns? not really, because the implant cannot be read if more than some inches away, which is surely the distance one would notice

now shannon posted an interview with Amal over at the bmezine. go and read it, it’s enlightening (or think what you want of it).

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  1. Crazy guy, snip around his one body. I think that rfid-chips can be a data security problem. A receiver with a good antenna in a door can probabely receive the singnal. Or think about receivers implemented in a tap , a handle or in an other thing you handle every day, horrible!

  2. first of all i think it’s never gonna be a security problem the way amal implemented it. he doesn’t have any real data on his implanted chip, just an unique id that acts as a key. so whenever he comes near the receiver it scans for the key and then does use that to unlock the “data” (be it unlock the computer or car or door…).
    and i don’t think he’s crazy, he just implanted a little piece of glass with embeded electronics.