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i want one of those new powerbooks [update]

the newest revision of apples powerbooks features an accelerometer, that detects if you drop the powerbook and parks the hard disc heads (a thing already found on older ibm-machines). now a guy figured out how to tap into the accelerometer and use it to display all kind of funky stuff (e.g. a window is fixed in space, while the powerbook rotates). this led another guy to program a python script whith which you can control itunes. just give your powerbook a mild slap on the head and it switches to the next song. i see some really funky stuff coming up for those powerbooks….

[via fscklog]

update: someone already did program a game for the tilt sensors. let the fun begin.

[via the unofficial apple weblog]

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  1. The idea is not so new. A year or two ago a big german it-magazin (ct) have a articel as 1. April fool in which they discibed a programm to use this technology to dedect something (not real sure what it was: movement, earthquake or somthing other!?).

    Anyway I believed it (as usual I belive anything writen in big magazin) but now it’s reality. Wow, cool!