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skype me [update 2]

since nina also started to use skype i thought i’d might give it another go.

so if you feel the desperate urge to call me, you can do it and call me via this button [1]:

(but be aware: since i bought a powerpc i don’t have a built in microphone, i need to go and buy one, so you might want to wait a day or two…)

[1]: button via the excellent button maker.

update: something with my soundcard is b0rked. the mic works really well (tested with flatmates peecee). but i just cannot get any sound out of it. the microphone gain is on maximum.

can anyone suggest some help?

update2: after buying a bluetooth headset and a new bluetooth dongle (both used and from, i switched to bluetooth-skype, so everything should work, give it a go…

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