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Smarterchildtoday i had a funny conversation with my own personal smarter child. i read about it in the latest wired and must say it’s really fun. just add Smarterchild to your AIM-buddylist (or ichat) or add 35000 on your ICQ (doesn’t matter for me, because i use fire).

at the moment the information for international users is a bit sparse, ’cause in the US you can get movie listings and stuff like that. nonetheless i was able to get a review of the movie i’m going to see tonight (“can you get me a review of ray?”). the smartypant also reminds you of different stuff (“remind me to go offline” “when?” “in 30 minutes”).

you really should give it a go, because it’s hard to describe…

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  1. Smarterchild Is NOT A HUMAN.
    No human can type that fast. It was developed as a TEST ROBOTIC CONVERSATION SOFTWARE FOR OTHER SOFTWARE AT CONVERSAGENT INC. They wouldn’t have a whole company for a fake robot. Smarterchild does not ask questions like that described by jammydodger. Thats all bullshit. He is a robot. End of story to any of those others who want to argue that Smarterchild is a human. He is not.

  2. hi i added him on msn, it says hes online but then again my messages arnt bein sent. Is he retired. if so why is he online????????? please answer