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mercedes mixtape 05

mercedes released the new mixtape (version 05). the opener track is a really great jazzy electro-tune.

go grab all the songs at, they will be gone after march, 22. (not really gone, but substituted by new songs). i couldn’t find the direct download link, you’ll have to click through the flash-interface and make your selection for the download (all songs together in a .zip-file are 89mb).

and because i missed to download mixed-tape 03 i was googling for it, and found an archive of all mixed-tapes behind this raunchy address (which is completely SFW). so if you want to start a download frenzy, you can…

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  1. Darn, and i thought i`d be the first swiss blogger who blogs the MB mixed tape 05. I was 20 min to late … it looks like your job makes you really fast ;)