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fight comment spam [update2]

google takes a new measure in fighting comment spam. they implemented a new attribute for hyperlinks – rel=”nofollow” – which prevents links from being spidered. so when google (or any other search engines that support the attribute) parses a link with that attribute the links don’t get credits in the rankings of the catalog. this is one of the first measure to make blog-spamming really uninteresting.

many (blog)systems are already able to cope with the new attribute, i installed the nofollow plugin for MT, so spammers can sod off!

jayallen (of mtblacklis fame) also has a nice post covering the pro’s and con’s of that measure.

now i have to finish that “internet”-script i have to hand out to the class tomorrow.

good night.

[via google’s blog]

update: hm, maybe i’ve shot too fast.

like b. and ben hammersley noted, the whole thing might backfire. it’s also a sign on how powerful google is.

heck, do i use something else to scour the web for information? no, just sometimes i head over to…

i look forward to having a talk with b. soon. when everything works out, we’ll see each other this weekend (for a little game).

update2: i deleted the nofollow-plugin from my MT-installation after reading here.

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  1. “update2: i deleted the nofollow-plugin from my MT-installation after reading here.”

    You mean that page that links to a bunch of spam sites? You realize that you just exacerbated the problem right?

  2. i cannot find any links to spam-sites on the mentioned page, and know that i might have acted too fast, but i cannot seem to get your comment, do you want to explain it to me?
    or are you just too shy? because you didn’t leave an email-address..