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picture of the week 02

first of all i noticed, that my notation was wrong, so i changed the title to all the posts in the category “picture of the week” of this year. the title now describes what the image is, namely an image of the past week.

so the image of the last week shows you the rotten watch of the trainstation in gensingen, where pesche and me have been this weekend. we both went to the 16th international masters competition of the ssv ingelheim. since the poor swimmers don’t have a pool the competition was held in the cozy city of gensingen. since there was absolutely nothing to do, we were so bored that we spent two hours in the local mall, which was not really funny, but warm.


oh, and by the way we both swam quite good, i made 100m crawl in 1:06:45, 50m crawl in 28:73, 100m medley in 1:19:00 and 50m butterfly in 32:something…

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