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the archives are back

some time ago i deleted the archives in the sidebar, because the were using up too much screen-realestate. since people complained that my archives are hard to grab, i spent 20 seconds implementing a nice trick posted over at scriptygoddes: drop down month archives.

just paste the code below there where you want your dropdown list to be, rebuild your site and have a go with it.

<form name=”jump2″>

<select name=”myjumpbox” OnChange=”document.location=jump2.myjumpbox.options[selectedIndex].value”>

<option selected>Please Select…</option>

<MTArchiveList archive_type=”Monthly”>

<option value=”<$MTArchiveLink$>”><$MTArchiveDate format=”%B %Y”$></option>




the code is a simple javascript, so should work in all browsers with fresh flavour, leave a note when not so.

and i gotta say this seems to open a lot of possibilities for my sidebar, keep tuned!

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