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how much can you make?

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when i was visiting some page, this iq-test popped up, i do not know where. in the end i could not resist to fill out the whole test and ended up having an iq of 133.

how much can you make?
(and keep in mind that a) english is not my first language, so some questions were really far off and b) i used google once, for the question with the “what does NAGEDLN mean?)

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  1. 133. the visual mathematician… nice that everybody is so intelligent!

    “people trust my instinct and turn to me for direction-especially in the workplace”
    good thing i’m a messenger then…

  2. Had made this test a long time ago, so I don’t know my result anymore (but it was very near to yours, something around 130 points).

    I think this test was a bit bootlicking. My English is not very good, so I can’t belive that I was that way a genious that I make so much points even I don’t understand everything.

  3. I took it and got a 133, i’m 16 and still in HS so I thik it was lying, I took this other one and got a 126, whay do the scores vary so much?