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gmail invitations [update]

i again have got to give 4 2 1 no invitation to gmail away. if you want one, leave a comment.

i’ll give away the invitations to the four out of the first ten to comment which give me the best cause to give ’em a gmail-invitation. so be creative and dont just write “i want a gmail invitation!!”. make me laugh and i’ll give you an invitation!

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  1. Unfortunately, I’m running low on humorous anecdotes at the moment. My sadly neglected blog is needing serious attention, and I am currently shopping around for a gmail invitiation to use as my address for the re-launch.

    If you’re interested, I can recycle an old story about a rabbit, a turtle, and a buzzard who bought some land and decided to go into farming, or perhaps you could browse my November archives and see if there’s anything sufficiently amusing therein to tickle your fancy.

    Other than that, here’s a sneak peek at why there were no December entries in my blog:

    [me]: So, are you aiming for the sun itself here, or will you be happy with Mercury?

    [sig-other]: What are you talking about?

    [me]: It’s damned hot in here! I’m baking!

    [sig-other]: You see what kind of shape the house is in… I haven’t been able to get to the thermostat in 3 days. Here, let me try to hit it with this broom handle, maybe I can make it cooler in here.

  2. OK, so i am from slovakia, i want this invitation a if i am funny or somthing else? If you give me invitation you will see : ) So thanks for your answer on my mail Bye Benco

  3. I was going to try to think of something cute, but I’m afraid I have to run out to get something for my young nephew’s birthday. I saw that the folks from the Passion of the Christ marketing department have created Shroud of Turin underoos, though I’ll probably pass on the Stigmata footsies cause I’m not sure if the kids at tumble-time are ready for the wounds of Christ. That’s just me, maybe I’m a fidgety uncle.

    Anyway, can I have an invite?

  4. hi…i would really like to get an invitation….not many people would be kind enuff to offer their invitation to others….im sure t=ur a kind….so can u plz send me a invitation to me….plz…plz…plz

    thanks in advance…..

  5. Zoef zoef habi bi! Make me happy! So I can spread my love (& yours off course) throughout the world. What’s the use of being funny if you’re living in stand-up comedian residence? Nothing!

    Big hug for u!