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look who’s got himself in trouble!

 2720563 047E477C74jan-o-plastic (and his photoshopping monkeys and fran) made a funny little calendar (i wrote a post about it some time ago) with members of the swiss parliament. now mrs ruth metzler thinks she’s more important than all the other stuff that is going on in the world now (christmas and new years eve are just wee bits among it) and sends piece a cease and desist letter to take down the “offending image” (which has been mirrored already)although one can be different opinions on how the image is of artistic value different questions spring to mind:

  • is satirical use of an image of a – former – public person not allowed?
  • does mr metzler not want to see his wife naked and thus wants to take the image down.
  • what about artistic freedom?
  • is it ok that piece took the picture down/masked it?
  • is mrs metzlers book selling so bad, that she needs publicity?

if you’re a law geek and have an opinion or some help for piece, send him a message or summink.

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