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Why are you getting all worked up about fifty thousand people dying from an earthquake? Every single day 25,000 children die from easily preventable diseases. Every single day 24,000 people die from hunger. Do they not count?

Natural disasters happen. We can’t prevent them, and ultimately they kill very few people. Hunger and disease problems in developing countries? That one is directly our fault. We literally created that catastrophe with our aggressive foreign policies, thus we ignore it. If you want to actually help the world, don’t waste your money on Sri Lanka. Focus on curing poverty and stopping our first world governments from continually kicking down any nation that tries to climb out of that poverty.


[via shannon, adapted with links]

read the text above again and step back a bit before flaming me or shannon! you must get the point.

it’s extremely sad for each and every person that had to die in south-east-asia or lost someone there. it’s a terrible way of dying.

but do all the newspapers make an as big fuss as they do over the people that die of hunger in africa or anywhere else in the third world? no, they dont. that’s my point. go and change the world where you can, don’t change it where you cannot.

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  1. While I sympathize with those forced to lead miserable lives, do you have any idea what the NET GAIN of the population of the earth is every DAY?

    Well, I’ll tell you: 200,000. Can you believe that? TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND.

    This planet has a loooooot of problems, problems that neither you or I are capable of solving.

  2. yes, we both are not able to solve the problems for real. but we can do something each and every day instead of bundling all our forces to help relieve pain in the moment.
    as you implied, take a step back and look at the bigger picture!