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hilarious flash

i remember that i saw this flash linked somewhere, but i cannot remember where. yesterday evening i played it so many times that the boyfriend of my flatmate asked me if i’m insane.

but only until i showed him what i watched, then he nearly spurted his glass of milk through his nose.

if you want to see a poor hilarious guy performing in front of his webcam then you must watch this flash movie: numanuma.swf (4.5mb .swf-file). but beware, it’s mean, loud and addictive!

don’t wonder about the strange intro-screen, it’s a modified version of the original file not done by me, just mirrored on this server. sit through the intro, crank up your speakers and laugh!

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  1. hi… i’m an italian boy and i read regulary your blog… and now….. ahahahahahaha i’m drying my tears… ahahahahha he’ s insane!!!