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a little challenge for you [2nd update]

Penguinjumptoday was a reeeealy slow day at work, so i was catching up with the posts on while checking out the entries on the latest web-zen post i found this marvelous penguin game, a holiday greeting from it seams that i’ve been really lucky, because managed to impress the “judges”, i made 29.4 points.

can you beat me? leave a comment!

[via boingboing]

update: i should have practiced more!

all those beat me!

Penguin2sigi at 08.56 in the morning

Penguinjump-1raphael, he wrote some more on penguin games on the velocite-blog.

arni, he posted his picture on flickr.

my sister would have been the fastest to respond, but needs some practice :-) keep going!

2nd update: markus and leo have a wee fight over their result over at flickr

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  1. auch nach zähem, langandauerndem Training und den unglaublichsten Sprung- eigenkreationen kriegte ich nur eine 22.3 erteilt! hmpf