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album art in the sidebar [update]

since the upgrade of my MT-installation the integration of kungtunes an my blog was a bit flaky, i got an email whenever my itunes changed a song. this was just too much.

i’ve been looking for another solution to post my playlist on the web, but couldn’t find a good one, until i stumbled over this picture on the (excellent) command-shift-3-group on flickr. in the extensive list of programs mentioned was the itunes watcher. after a bit of googling i found the site and installed it (it’ s bit quirky, since it’s a script which needs to be configured and compiled).

so you can again spy on my musical taste, this time database-driven and quite nice. because the script works fully independent of any blog installation i made a new directory on my part of the server: /music

if you’d like to see what music i listen to, you can watch the 6 last played songs in the sidebar (click on the album to get more info) or just spy on the aforementioned subdirectory.

now i need to go an buy a new backpack.

update: i’ve just seen that the album covers are not displayed with firefox, but work perfectly with safari and IE on windows (my girlfriend uses it.) i will look into this and try to work it out…

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