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my 0.5% chance to win a million

maybe you’ve seen the ubiquitous ads for the american express bluecard, promoting the link

since my credit card provider offered me to switch to blue for free that’s what i did and i also checked out the bluegame they made to promote their new credit card

the game consisted of 5 levels, most of them were – mildly said – trivial.

i know a guy from, the crew behind the programming of the bluegame (we play ultimate frisbee together). in the training on thursday we talked about the bluegame, because he saw me in the high-score list. i told him, that i thought the stuff was really easy and i only stuck to it, because i thought the later levels would be a bit more demanding. he told me funny stories about people who called, because they could not sign up for the game, or weren’t able to log in to it, and other peekaboo…

to make things short: today i got a letter from the head of marketing and sales of swisscard aecs ag in which he told me that i am under the first 200 contestants in the win-a-million competition. he also told me, that i’m invited to zürich next saturday, where the finals will take place. the whole thing will also be televised, so you can see how i compare to the other 199 people there. and you also might want to wish me luck, that i take that 0.5% chance to win a million!

in the evening i’ll be at the polyball with nina and i’ll guarantee that i will get drunk like hell if i win that money (i suppose it takes around two beers to make me drunk, ’cause i never drink :-).

i’ll keep you updated…

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  • weblog 28. November 2004

    Habis 0.5%-chance to win a million

    Habi, I just wish You luck and smartness [1]. ;)