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comment spam/firefox

the comment spam on the blog is slowly getting out of control (but will be stopped as soon as i can install the new version of moveable type, which will happen soon).

although mtblacklist is an indispensable piece of software, which is blocking a huge amount of comment spam i have to delete some spam from time to time.

one comment spam i’m not gonna delete is the last comment here, because i thought it’s well funny: a team of microsoft engineers – the IE Team – tries to sue me, because i installed firefox. ha!

guys, get it: i’m happily using safari on os x. but i also installed firefox, mostly to see how well it does. and as long as you work on a windows-machine i higly suggest you go and download it now, it’s supposed to be far better than IE and don’t be afraid of some cheeky guys threatening to sue you, try it!

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  1. Of course Firefox is better than IE, that’s a given. And Microsoft is indeed getting nervous. But I’m pretty sure the comment by the “IE Team” was just a prank by somebody else.

  2. this must be a prank. but i thought it’s kinda funny so i’m gonna leave it. we’ll see how firefox starts to eat away shares from IE, ’cause even my parents starts to use it :-)