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altough it was my free day, i had to get up early today, because we got a new fridge, so i thought it’s about time to do some cleaning. after i’ve cleaned out my closets and thrown away a bag full of junk i started to catalog my dvd’s (call me obsessive) with the excellent dvdpedia (which i bought rightaway for 18 bucks).

Dvdlibrary-pdf, optimized for screenso you are now able to marvel at my collection of 106 dvds. actually at least two of them are missing, ghost in the shell and the crow, but i forgot to whom i borrowed them. but this is never gonna happen again, because dvdpedia has a neat “borrowed to…”-feature which integrates nicely with address on os x. if you click on the image on the left, you can download a three-paged pdf (300kb) of all the dvd-covers which i exported with dvdpedia.

do you want to borrow one?

send me an email!

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  1. Thanks for the post, I was looking for an app like that. DVDpedia is great, also got Bookpedia. I tried out others but was disappointed by them. Delicious looked promising but it turned out to be all looks and nothing inside. Thanks for pointing me out in the right direction.