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holy shit!

nestedmy internal harddisk is acting extremely funky, and making weird clicking noises all the time.
at first i presumed it’s extreme overheating, cause i was doing some very processor-intensive work yesterday eveing. (rendering a huge mosaic with MacOSaiX). but this afternoon it’s not back to normal the weird clicking sound is still there.
thank god i have got a bootable backup so i can try to do some debugging.
after i booted from my external harddisk i started the disk utility from the backup and tried to verify the startup disk (the internal harddisk on my ibook). after a short while disk utility tells me that “the nesting of folders has exeeded the limit” which is beyond my explanation (see image on the left). i hope disk utility can fix this…

nested2update: doesn’t seem so. i guess then it’s time for some major debugging. maybe i can find the hundreds of nested folders…

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  1. well it seems that my harddisk is dying.
    i’ve deleted a dilo, but after some reboots it didn’t resolve itself.
    at the moment i’m cloning my harddisk to have an up to date backup and then i’ll try to replace the internal hd with a new one.
    has any of my readers tried to dissect an ibook and could give me directions on how to do that?
    and if all else fails i’ve seen a very very nice offer for a g4-desktop on which would not be that bad…

  2. if disk warrior would be any help to you, I could lent you mine. it’s by far the mightiest of all repair utilities, even though it could’nt repair my harddisk. so replacing yours before it’s too late is for sure the best idea!

  3. Hello!
    I have a iBook G4 too and I have the same problem. My HD is healthy as is new well tested. I think is just an application that is pooling on ATA disks as the problem stops if I have a disc in the optical unit and never comes up if I boot the iBook in target disk mode and use it as a spare FireWire disk with other macs.
    At the moment I can certanly tell that none of theese process are causing the problem:
    diskarbitrationd (The automatic defragmenter) MirrorAgent (iDisk mirroring) cron. Not sure aboute the SecurityAgent writing logs, automount and dynamic_pager.

    For the nested folders problem… well my dad has the same problem, but I can’t understand the reason as he only uses mail, safary and sometimes word & apple works. It would be usefull if diskutil would tell us were the limit is exceded.