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dubya bush doesn’t want you

dubyasiteso, let’s assume you’re part of the internationally interested population and want to read george dubya bushs weblog to see what he (or his blogger) wants to tell you. or do you just want inform yourself about his view on different things that are important to yourself? but since monday morning you cannot access his website ( from europe (or just about any other part of the non-us-world)? since quite a long time the website just times out on you and since monday morning you get one of these funky error messages seen in the image on the left. hm, then you’re left out behind and must stick to kerry’s page :-)

but just in case you really want to read what the still to be us-president has to tell you, you might direct your browser to: or httpS://
not that i could care less what he says, because i’d vote for: </bush>, but hey, just in case…

[via boinboing, joi.ito, haslo or jimmiz journal (german, with a link to the the technology used to block the unwelcome users) ]

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