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new feature (in test mode)

1t the image on the left shows the total accesses of since the start in july last year (reminds me, i missed the anniversary :-). it impressed me that the total accesses to this little site are around 20000 a day which seems huge. but be reminded that every access to every file counts, so if you watch an index-page on the pics-section this counts as more than20 accesses (9 thumbnails, 2 navigation-buttons and 8 image files for the thumbnail frames plus the html-file itself plus the css-file).
since the usage-statistics provided by are not easily readable (e.g. something like this) and i wanted to know a bit more about you i implemented a little counter in the sidebar (under the “test” category).
the counter provided by adds a human touch to all the data that can be pulled from your visit. i will keep it in the test-category to see if i am pleased with it or until you, my dear readers get bored with it. if you click on the number you will get teleported to the counter-page which is free for everyone to abuse…

since i saw that baba had this counter on her travel-blog i felt like beamed back to my first web page when it was cool to have a counter on your page, which was populated mostly by your hits. and this made me do it, the whole stuff above is solely justification-babble…

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