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now it’s official: the new is live and online.
b.abou and the other coding guys at released their new baby into the wild, and i suppose it’s ready to survive and thrive there, because it really is good.
since some weeks i’ve been testing and using it a lot at work to find all those funny addresses where our customers are (and sometimes telling the others: then after the house with the red roof you turn right). is surprisingly fast and amazing to use. drag the map around to see what comes around the edge and the map data is loaded as it’s needed. is the map too big? just resize your browser-window and the map is resized accordingly.
the whole map is composed of aerial photos of switzerland (so you can see funny stuff like this waterskier), but if you need even more speed you can also only have the streets in a “normal” map mode (but is of no use for the waterskier :-)
hell, there’s even more: click on the map to zoom in, right-click to zoom out. i’d write some more, but i gotta run, i’m off to biel to attend a vernissage of biggi lustenberger with a piece of art me and 50 other people are in. have a nice evening!

oh, btw, that’s the house i live in, but give me a call before you come and visit…

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