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i should have read that post before the suicmc04 was over!
i’ve been doing lot of emailing from all the different accounts (info, sponsoring, race, helfer, etc.) and every-time i did this, i did an apple+; to go to the preferences of to be able change the corresponding email-address.
mail.appnow justin french (with a wonderful website!) mentions an un-documented feature of you are able to set up multiple adresses for one account, which is a HUGE timesaver for all of you that have multiple mail-addresses that are being forwarded to one address in the end (e.g,, is even smart enough to know which address to use when you reply to an incoming mail.
just wonderful, but a pity i know it now that the suicmc is over and i won’t be handling multi-alias mailing anytime soon.
stuff like this makes working with a mac even more fun!

[via 43 folders] a blog chock-full of other very useful tricks and hacks!

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