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motorola razr v3

gadget envy.
at miklos’ and cecilia’s wedding b. and me talked about the upcoming motorola razr, the phone that looks like THE gadget-ency-inducing phone of the year. up to now i’ve only seen one or to pics of it floating around on the net. but today i stumbled over this thread at howard forums1 which induced a cringe in my bowels, (a soft wispering voice: buybuybuybuy). under one of a gazillion pictures of the razr was the one in the post below, the guy holding the phone in his hands.
can you believe motorola crammed:

  • a vga-camera
  • bluetooth
  • a speakerphone
  • a color screen
  • and mp3-ringtones

into that aluminium encasing?
it’s a bummer that phone is expected to cost around 0.5kChf even with a contract…

[via gizmodo]

1 don’t click on the link if you’re on a dial-up line, it’s crammed with pictures.
don’t click on the link if you don’t want to see a girl in a strange bikini!
and what’s it with that knife?

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  1. it’s definitely on my buy-list too. yesterday, I had the chance to play arounf with one at an event, where a sales person from motorola was on the spot. also the mpx is a monster with integrated wifi! but definitely nothing for putting in yout trouser pockets and it runs on windows :-(