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picture of the week 40 [update]

my plan for yesterday was to go and see with sigi, but since the snowramp collapsed, the whole event was blown off (see a tiny pic here).
bugger! mostly also because i hope to get a good picture of the week :-)

so sigi and me went to the museum to see der gespiegelte mensch (the mirrored human) which was mildly said, a disappointment (beside the microscopes with the drosophila and their mutations…).. so we just went to the so-called niederdörfli and drank some tea and coffee and had a good talk, which was probably ways better than watching reckless guys and gals on their boards and skies.

so i’m just grabbing a pic from my archive:
here’s one i shot at kims stag night in crans montana:

here’s a better pic
[via tobistar]

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