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ae fond kiss

i went to see the last kiss, the new film by the scottish filmmaker ken loach. besides that i was blown away from the language everyone in that movie speaks1 i just loved it.
as always ken loach is able to draw a very intense portrait of simple people (simple in a good way). his way of directing a movie is so far away from the way movies are don in hollywood. the people are real, so real that you start to sniff if they cry or laugh with them when they tell jokes.
although the movie is quite bitter – it’s about the romance between a wee irish gal and a tall pakistani bloke, which seem not to be able to flee from the constraints they get put on by their environment – it’s one of the most moving love movies in a long time. and even if you can’t go and see it with your important other half go and see it with someone else, because the story told is both moving and interesting to watch.

1 i studied half a year at strathclyde university in glasgow, hence i’m quite fond of the glaswegian/scottish accent..

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