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photo-shooting again

today i was again at a photo-shooting. a customer of the velokurier was looking for a model which was willing to show his ass to two old ladies (really!)
the idea is that the ewb, the energy and water supplier of bern is providing everyone with energy here in bern (their slogan is “we pass on our energy”). the setup was like this: a messenger fills his water-bottle at one of the fountains in bern. two elderly ladies pass and watch his nice butt. since we all have nice butts they were looking for one of us who had time tonight.
since the ad-agency preferred me to urs and renzo (urs has the wrong length of hair and they didn’t see renzos butt or the would have chosen him :-) i will be on that ad which comes out sometimes in november/december this year. it was quite annoying to stand there in full autumn-gear while the sun is shining down pretty strong. and both ladies were only marginally funny while they tried to make jokes about my butt so they would loosen up a bit for the pictures. we’ll see how the poster will turn out.

but with the money i got from that shooting and the last one i’ll finally be able to replace my broken chair! (the perfect birthday gift from me to myself…)

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