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newsfire 0.2

newsfirei can hardly remember the last time i blogged about new software i installed on my trusty ibook. now newsfire 0.2 (!) gets the honor to be featured here.
since i discovered the beauty and simpleness of reading most of the web via rss i’ve been using netnewswire lite for all my rss-needs.
(btw: xeni jardin (of boingboing-fame) explains the whole rss-thing it nicely in her article for WIRED 12.04).

since two of my fafourite mac-blogs (fscklog and powerbook-blogger) seem to like it, i thought i’d give it a go and installed that impressive piece of software. i can hardly believe that the version number is 0.2!

the pure simplicity got me really hooked, all you need to read all your feeds is the spacebar and the enter key. all your feeds are organized in the left column and the post you’re reading is in the right frame. no third pane needed. (which only now strikes me as completely useless anyway :-) as you read a post you press enter to visit the post on the web or press the spacebar to read the next unread feed. simple and easy.
and there’s even some ichatesque eye-candy included, which means you should definitely give it a go!

ps: oh, and newsfire’s (nifty) icon doesn’t sport an “unread message” count as netnewswire’s onde does, which means some more productive time on my hands, because i won’t notice if there’s only one of all the feeds on my list which is updated and i have to go and check to see if it’s worth reading that post. give it a go! it’s well worth it.

(and sorry, only and purely availiable on os x)

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