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my weekend

the past weekend i spent in italy. a good friend of mine had his wedding in the hometown of his girlfriend, now wife. i met kim seven (!) years ago, when we both made a kind of student exchange in australia and we both managed to keep in touch through all these years, amazing!
the wedding was the most spectacular wedding i’ve ever attended (it was my third ever by the way :-) and was held in the beautiful town of villasanta, near monza (the town famous for their formula1-race-track).

the first row of pictures show kim and samantha kissing during the huge diner they held, the newly-wed just before the firework and the firework that was held for them. the second row shows a panorama i made. it features the church of villasanta, where the ceremony was held (512kb .mov file)

DSC03561 DSC03564 DSC03566


kim, if you ever read this, i wish you and samantha all the luck in the world and would like to thank you very much for inviting me to your wedding it was “marvellous, splendid and amazing!!!” (little inside-joke)

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