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DSC01273_1since you’ve been reading about the global gutz last saturday, i thought it’s time to explain a bit.
every year on the 17th july there’s a messenger-race which takes part all around the world. the rules of that race are that there are 5 checkpoints (not including start and finish) evenly distributed on a route of 21km length. the route has to be as flat as possible (quite hard here in bern) so that the results over the whole world can be compared.
DSC01272_1so, last saturday the global gutz also took part here in bern. and in the end it turned out that bene and me (on top left) were the fastest of all messengers1 that took part here in bern (there were also some messengers from the velokurier biel coming over). after some time it turned out that we were not only the fastest in bern, but the fastest in switzerland! (shouts to anja (on the right) for preparing a fast course!)
since Rachel and Pia came in just two minutes later than we both did, they are the fastest global-gutz-women in switzerland. so we had to fight over the train-ticket to the ECMC in Warshaw ( sponsored a ticket). In the end it turned out that Bene and Rachel are gonna go to Warshaw with the sponsored tickets, because they won in Scissors, Paper, Stone. Nono, we didn’t need to fight, I’m invited to a wedding-eve-weekend of a very close friend and Pia is on holidays. (Good for Bene, because i’m unbeatable at SPS!)
that’s the explanation why i didn’t stay on the gurten to see nena and iam and lunik. this was probably much more fun anyways!

1The only depressing thing is that we managed to bike those 21km in 34 minutes which means an average speed of 37km/h which is slower than what the guys at the tour bike for stages which are ten times longer….

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