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[update2] two links for you

the first one is funny: the point of the online-game on is to walk back home with well too much alcohol. i managed to walk 75 meters this morning, when hämme showed me that game, but i cannot seem to replicate the result now to post a screenshot, maybe i’ll be able to do that later.

the second one is interesting in a physicists way: the new scientist points out that the speed of light might have changed recently, which would change a lot in traditional physics (read the article to get the point of “recently”). the change in the constant c would imply some problems with other constants, but is quite handy in a greater view, e.g. if you want to explain some interesting things like the horizon-problem in our universe (again, this is a physicist kind of problem, so you don’t need to worry :-)

i managed to grab a screenshot this morning: 77m! how much do you get? leave a comment.

max made it to 88 meters!

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