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moblog frenzy!

urs gehrig reports that one of the mobile phone providers here in switzerland starts with an 5 bucks “all you can download”1 GPRS-plan. i’ve been looking forward for something like this for a long time (because everywhere else on the world there are a lot of flatrate GPRS-plans (just look at phil torrones moblog for instance, he uses it massively).
let’s hope that this step starts the competition between the three mobile providers here in switzerland: sunrise (my provider) and orange and swisscom, i’d love to fill my moblog with unnecessary crap the whole day long!

oh, and did you notice the “latest moblog” in the sidebar? this is new and untested, but a nice little hint from piece saved me messing around with mt-rssfeed and other plugins for moveable type. i’ll write a little (really little) documentation on this soon.

1 watch out! the “all you can download” plan only includes:

[…] ausschliesslich das GPRS-Verbindungsvolumen, welches bei Rahmen der Benutzung der mobilen Portale von Swisscom Mobile anfällt. […]

so no email-checking and “free” moblogging anytime, just a lot of downloads from the swisscom-portal (but i guess you could use your swisscom-portal-email for moblogging, so it’s no big deal…


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  1. this kind of “flatrate” really sucks. and also some other elements of swisscom’s gprs/mobile-internet strategy (aka vodafone live). read the multimedia-section in the newspaper “der bund” tomorrow and you will know.

  2. exactly my thought.
    i especially do not like how they tamper the firmware of the phones, actually crippling them instead of enhancing with features. but it looks like they’re gonne take a step away from vodaphone live, because the say “Das Portal Pack löst die bisherige GPRS- Promotion mit Vodafone live! Geräten ab.”
    again, we’ll see (and also see tomorrow)