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coffee and cigarettes

oh, and if you don’t want to go and watch troy (which is what we haven’t done on friday evening) then you should better go and see coffee and cigarettes, i presume that it must be much better than any sandal movie ever made (and has no goof as opposed to the at least 27 goofs in troy).
i went to see it yesterday evening with bruni and must say that it – although the movie has no real plot – i was really charmed by the movie. it consists of multiple short stories, which are connected only by the fact that the protagonists talk over some coffee and cigarettes, but if you think twice (or three times) then you see the stronger connection between each and every story. (and just the story with GZA and RZA and bill murray is hilarious and worth the whole entry fee)

this weeks film tip: coffee and cigarettes (trailer), cinemastar

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