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after submitting a comment spam to the MT-Blacklist, i stopped by at jayallens blog, and found an interesting link.
bopuc proposes a way to view all the comments on your blog as a rss feed, spruced up with all the relevant links to despam and edit the comment and info of the commenter.
here are the directions:
1. go to your MT-HQ and make a new template.
call it something you remember and insert a filename for it (e.g. something.xml)
2. paste the code below into the text field.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”<$MTPublishCharset$>”?>
<rss version=”2.0″
<title><$MTBlogName remove_html=”1″ encode_xml=”1″$> Comments</title>
<dc:creator><MTEntries lastn=”1″><$MTEntryAuthorEmail$></MTEntries></dc:creator>
<dc:date><MTEntries lastn=”1″><$MTEntryDate format=”%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S”$><$MTBlogTimezone$></MTEntries></dc:date>
<admin:generatorAgent rdf:resource=”<$MTVersion$>” />

<MTComments lastn=”15″ sort_order=”descend”><MTCommentEntry>
<title><$MTEntryTitle encode_xml=”1″$> (<$MTCommentAuthor encode_xml=”1″$>)</title>
<link><$MTEntryLink encode_xml=”1″$></link>
<a href=”<$MTCommentID pad=”0″$>”>DESPAM</a><br />
<a href=”<MTEntryID>&blog_id=<MTBlogID>”>Edit entry</a><br />
<a href=”<MTCommentID>&blog_id=<MTBlogID>”>Edit comment</a><br />
<a href=”<$MTCommentIP$>&re-search=Search”><$MTCommentIP$></a><br />
————————————<br />
<a href=”mailto:<$MTCommentEmail$>” title=”<$MTCommentEmail$>”><$MTCommentAuthor$></a><br />
<a href=”<$MTCommentURL$>”><$MTCommentURL$></a><br />
————————————<br />]]>
<$MTCommentBody encode_xml=”1″$>
<![CDATA[————————————<br />
<$MTCommentDate format=”%a, %b %d, %Y %H:%M:%S”$>]]>

3. rebuild your blog
4. subscribe to the *.xml-file with your favorite rss-reader
5. if you don’t like the template, edit it to your likings
6. rub your hands and smile mischievously, as this adds even more fun to stopping comment spam

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