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during the first weekend of next october the Suisse Cycle Messenger Championships 04 will take place here in bern.
if you want to take a sneak-peak at the website of the SUICMC04, then you might want to click here. everything is up and running, just “hidden” from the general public until all quirks are sorted out.
yesterday, michel and äbu spent the whole day designing and putting the page online, and i spent a part of the morning with äbu to design and implement the registration-database. everything is live now, so if you want to register yourself on a messenger-event, then you can do it now, i’ll flush the MYSQL-db before the site goes online for real.

if you find a bug or something we need to correct, send me a note, please! (you don’t need to write that the press-release talks about a different schedule, than the page itself, we’re onto that :-)

oh, and by the way, if you (or your company) are interested in sponsoring one of the the biggest messenger-events in europe, then give me a shout! i’d be happy to work with you, and provide you the best package you can get!

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