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since i’ve keep posting only small blurbs tonight, i’ll try to stick to it:
just listen to that story here (2.0mb mp3-file, only in german). it’s a sad but true story which is not that great that it deserves a link, but the guy reading that story has the absolute evil laugh. max mailed me that file nearly three weeks ago, and already complained that i did not blog it here :-) he saw it in the djforum where some other guy actually made a song out of the schlumpf-story (1.6mb mp3-file). both hilarious!

[via maxes mail]
oh, and by the way max, i wanted to link to you, but google has not much to say about you (these are the best hits i found)) and the handball-club72-page doesn’t seem to work, and this club72 probably has nothing to do with you. sorry.

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